Having properly function air conditioning in your vehicle is an essential luxury in the desert heat of UAE. Here at Universal Auto Garage  Service Centre we offer expert services on car AC repair to keep you cool while driving around under the blazing summer sun. With our specialist services focusing on the maintenance and repairs of high end luxury cars, we are able to offer a specialist AC repair on car brands that other automotive workshops simply cannot.

Most people do not even think about their vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system. That is, until it breaks. The ventilation system is also responsible for keeping dust and allergens out of the interior of the car. When any one of these components is not functioning properly, you and your passengers will be uncomfortable. As with any system in your car, the heating and air conditioning system must be maintained.

An often overlooked part of maintenance is the changing of the cabin air filter. Most car owners do not even know these filters exist, but their function is important, especially if you are prone to environmental allergies. Because it is an enclosed space, exhaust gases from vehicles in front of you are pulled into your car. Pollen and other harmful substances inside a vehicle can be from six to ten times more concentrated than they are outside.

A cabin filter works much like the air filter used within the heating and air conditioning system in your home. Just like these air filters, your vehicle’s cabin air filter needs to be replaced regularly. A dirty, clogged cabin filter will not be able to trap those airborne allergens, dirt, and dust. That means you and your passengers are breathing in air filled with all sorts of environmental contaminants. The performance of your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning system is also affected when the cabin filter is clogged.

If your vehicle’s air conditioning system is not cooling your car, you may think the system needs recharging. This is no longer the case because the air conditioning system in today’s automobile is a closed system and the refrigerant is not used up in the process. If you are losing refrigerant, it means there is a leak in the system. The air compressor is the heart of the air conditioning system. Sooner or later, the compressor will end up failing. The most common symptom of a compressor failure (besides no cooling) is a seized compressor.

If you notice a problem with your vehicle’s heating or air conditioning system, have it checked by the professionals at UAG. Finding a solution that corrects the problem now, will help you save on repairs and maintenance down the road.UAG use the most modern tools to fix the AC system like UV Light,Leak Detector,Gas Detector & Fully Automatic Recycling Machine.


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