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Most Important Periodic Car Maintenance And Services

Universal Auto Garage provides an all-inclusive car repair and maintenance services for the smooth performance of your car. We have multi-point car inspection repair and maintenance services focused on the wide range of brands like: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover and so on. Car repair and maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage ensures the smooth functioning and longer life of your car. We understand that the making of each car is different. Knowing the same, we can guide you with the intervals of checkups to keep your car in proper functioning.

Battery and Cables:

Periodic checking can keep your car battery and cables from damage.

Our expert car repair and maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage takes care of your car battery and cables by: checking the water level of the car battery, cleaning the battery terminals and cables etc.

Engine and Gearbox Mounting:

Mounts wear down with years and mileage. Get these replaced at the right time.

At Universal Auto Garage, we take care of replacing engine and gearbox mounting, keeping the gearbox clean, lubricating the gearbox etc.

Dashboard Indicators:

Take care of the dashboards before getting it damaged.

Dashboard indicator plays an important role in car interior. These indicators notifies any issues with your car that need an immediate check. Our car dashboard maintenance includes taking care of any issues in dashboard indicator lights as well.


Regular check and maintenance of the car brakes are extremely necessary.

A fail in periodic brake maintenance can reduce the performance and longevity of your car. Moreover, it can cause accidents, injuries as well as road deaths. Car brake maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage includes, checking the brake pads and rotors, flushing your brake fluid, bleeding the brake lines, upgrading or replacing brake parts, and braking system care.


Protect your car from undergoing a total meltdown.

The car coolant maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage include checking of the coolant volume, pressure conditions, radiator cap, radiator hoses and engine belts

Air Filter:

Regular air filter maintenance can provide your car a lengthy engine life.

Our car technician experts make sure that your engine breathes clean air, lower emissions, with good engine performance and longer engine life.

AC Filter:

Car AC filters are a vital part of your vehicle and need to be examined regularly.

Car AC Repair and maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage includes removing residual gas from the air conditioning system, cleaning cooling coil, ac vents, and condenser.


Hoses might look stable on the visible part, however it will wear from inside.

Engine overheating, power steering and electrical charging loss are results of damaged hoses in the car. And hoses are weak components of the coolant which require regular inspection. Hence, it is recommended to get the car hoses checked periodically.