We offer our customers a complete range in painting services.

Whether you want to economically restore your older vehicle's original appearance, touch up your leased vehicle's finish or return your damaged newer car to showroom condition, we have the perfect repair and pricing options.

At Universal Auto Garage we 100% assure the top quality of car painting by our skilled trained team using the latest in the state-of-the-art-equipment and technology.

Neglecting to undertake scratch removal or a chip repair on your car's paintwork can also lead to chronic and escalating rust problems - meaning you could needlessly incur extra , but avoidable, costs in the future. If your Vehicle body has been physically damaged, we can make it look new again. Our Painting & Denting Specialists fix the damage area and paint it with the exact color.

We offer our customers a complete range in paining services. We undertake painting of car and car parts with quality automotive refinish paint, thereby, offering the customers with a long term quality paint. We also ensure that we provide good quality painting services and at an economical rates to our clients.

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