The suspension system in your vehicle does more than give you a smooth ride. It helps you maintain control of your vehicle by keeping the tires in contact with the road when you hit bumps. It also allows your vehicle to turn corners without rolling. One of the key parts of the suspension system is the shock absorber.

Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system is vital to your safety. When a shock or strut needs to be replaced you may notice an increase in stopping distance, excessive bounce and more roll and sway in the body. You will also find there will be more wear on the tires and an increase in gas consumption. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should bring your vehicle to UAG. Suspension systems are just one of the many things our certified technicians can handle for you.

Control bushings are another important component of the suspension system. Installed on the front and rear of the vehicle, they help maintain proper wheel alignment. As it is with shocks or struts, the control bushings enhance safety by improving handling, cornering and control. Worn control arm bushings will create clunking noises during acceleration or braking and can cause uneven tire wear.

As with anything related to your vehicle, regular maintenance is the best way to minimize major repair issues. When you bring your vehicle to UAG , we will conduct a cursory inspection and will alert you to parts that should be replaced. With our complete auto repair shop , full suspension work can be handled quickly and expertly. Trust your suspension work to us and we will get you back driving on the roads with a lot less bump.

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