Starting & Charging System

Click, click, click… the sound you hear when there is a problem with the charging system. Each component in this system works as part of a continuous cycle. The battery supplies current to the starter motor, which then uses mechanical energy to crank the engine. The rotating engine drives the alternator, which forces electrical energy back into the battery where it is stored so it can supply current to the starter motor. Click through the diagram below to see how the starting and charging system functions and what happens when something goes wrong.

As with each system in your vehicle, regular maintenance is an important part of making sure the starting and charging system runs trouble-free. An alternator also wears out over time as its components begin to fail. As more plates inside the battery fail, the power drops to levels where the battery dies and the ignition system does not work. To avoid potential problems with your starting and charging system, have it tested periodically at UAG.

By having regular battery and charging system checks performed (every six months), our certified technicians will be able to alert you to potential problems so you can have them repaired before they fail completely. During the test, your UAG  Automotive certified technician will test the condition of the battery, its connections, the output of the alternator, and the amperage and voltage draw of the starter. While we are testing the system, we will also inspect the condition of the drive belt (which turns the alternator) and let you know if the belt should be replaced.

When the battery and charging system is not functioning properly, the performance of your vehicle will be affected and you could find yourself in a “breakdown” situation. Do not let this happen to your vehicle. Trust your starting and charging system repairs and service to the experts at UAG.


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