• Quick lube services
    Universal Auto Garage is dedicated to providing customers with quality services. From the moment you…
  • Body and Paint Repairs
    Worried about those small dents and unsightly scratches ruining your paint job? No need to…
  • Tires & Battery Section
    Our Auto Service can carry out the following services: Tire Fitting Wheel Balancing Tire Nitrogen…
  • Inside Shampooing & Polishing
    We provide the full spectrum of professional detailing services and are setup to offer the…
  • Complete Detailing
    We provide the full spectrum of professional detailing services and are setup to offer the…
  • Periodic Maintenance
    We make Proper maintenance which will ensure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life of…

High Quality Services

Providing a high and consistent quality of service is a key to our business success.
Our high service quality promotes customer satisfaction which has a direct link to our success.

    WE WILL TO BE YOUR TRUSTED FRIEND ON CALL, WHILE ON ROAD. We at UAG Roadside Assistance assure YOU and your family a hassle free Roadside Assistance Program. We will to be your trusted friend on call, while on road". We  take immense pride in providing round the clock assistance to our clients through general advice over the phone and roadside service. The sole objective of UAG’s Roadside Assistance is to dedicatedly support its members and provide an array of comprehensive services . We promises a professional team of highly skilled roadside consultants at your service round the clock. We are available 24/7 at 0555717655
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    The suspension system in your vehicle does more than give you a smooth ride. It helps you maintain control of your vehicle by keeping the tires in contact with the road when you hit bumps. It also allows your vehicle to turn corners without rolling. One of the key parts of the suspension system is the shock absorber. Maintaining your vehicle’s suspension system is vital to your safety. When a shock or strut needs to be replaced you may notice an increase in stopping distance, excessive bounce and more roll and sway in the body. You will also find there will be more wear on the tires and an increase in gas consumption. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should bring your vehicle to UAG. Suspension systems are just one of the many things our certified technicians can handle for you. Control bushings are another important component of the suspension system. Installed on the front and rear of the vehicle, they help maintain proper wheel alignment. As it is with shocks or struts,…
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    Most people turn the key, their vehicle starts and they go. It is only when a problem occurs with the ignition system that one begins to understand its importance. The job of the ignition system is to create the spark that ignites the fuel. The timing of the process is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your vehicle. If the fuel is ignited at the wrong time, you may experience loss of power, more gas consumption and emissions will increase. As you go through the diagram, you see the spark plugs have an important task to perform in the engine. They produce the electrical spark that actually ignites the mixture of fuel and air. They are exposed to extreme high temperatures and constant use. You can actually tell what is going on with the ignition and fuel systems in your vehicle by the way the spark plugs look when they are removed from the engine. Spark plugs that are worn, corroded or dirty will affect your vehicle in many ways. As with any component of…
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  • Mechanical Service & Repairs
    Our Mechanical Section handles repairs of all European, American, Japanese, Korean and German Vehicles. The repair works are handled by our well-trained technicians and supervised by Qualified and experienced Service Engineers to ensure Customer Satisfaction. Services offered for Passenger vehicle, Light goods and passenger transport vehicles, SUV & medium commercial vehicles: Computer aided Diagnosis Air-conditioning and Electrical Repairs Automatic & Manual Transmission repairs and Overhauling Steering, Brake & suspension repairs Clutch Assembly rebuilding Complete Engine re-conditioning Differential overhauling Major & minor Mechanical Services Tyre And Battery Service station for Washing and Lube service and general detailing
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No better car service anywhere

UAG is dedicated to providing the best Quality, Value and Service to meet our customers’ needs.
Our business principles are rooted in our personal faith and beliefs. We strive to show humility, respect and fairness toward all.

Our Best Proposals

We look at our clients requirement and deliver best on their needs!
We believe the quality of our people makes us stand out in the industry. We support and develop our people into experts in their field – experts that are passionate about delivering quality and dedicated to strong leadership and teamwork.


    All modern vehicles have a computer or ECM (Electronic Control Module) that controls the operation of the engine’s fuel injection system, ignition timing,…


    Having properly function air conditioning in your vehicle is an essential luxury in the desert heat of UAE. Here at Universal Auto Garage…


    Service Intervals You Can Keep Track Of with Regular Scheduled Maintenance which is vital to keeping your Auto on the road. The time…

Unmatched Car Tuning

Here at UAG we want to ensure the level of service and product you receive is unmatched in the automotive industry.
We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business at each and every visit. The Universal Auto Garage team looks forward to working with you .
Our dedication and passion to personalized, professional service is second to none.

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