We will constantly strive to offer and deliver incomparable automotive service, repair, and customer support to every one of our clients, that will meet or exceed their expectations.


A proper functioning battery is necessary for the operation of your vehicle and when it fails, it often leaves you stranded and in the dark.UAG offers battery testing for your car, light truck or SUV with a scheduled appointment.


At UAG we take care of all your tire/tyre repair needs for passenger and fleet/commercial vehicles. We keep your vehicle tires/tyres well maintained for roads of UAE. Our tire(s) services are your source of tire repair, tire pressure check...

Engine Oil Flush

Driving conditions coupled with the harsh climatic conditions have adverse effects on the performance of vehicle engines. Flushing chemical is formulated to safely remove gum, Sludge and other harmful contaminants from crank case, PCV & upper cylinder area.

AC Service

Get complete A/C service and keep your A/C perfect at Universal Auto Garage. Highlights: - Complete AC Service - Blower filter cleaning - Gas recovery and refilling - Duct cleaning - Out side filter cleaning - Condenser cleaning …

Oil & Filter Service

At Universal Auto Garage we believe in helping you protect the life of your vehicle's engine. We provide oil change service package so as to provide you a regular maintenance of engine at best price. With UAG you'll receive top-quality service


We offer brake repair packages to meet a variety of needs. The best part about all of them: the warranty coverage you’ll get. Installation of new brake pads or shoes, Resurfacing of brake rotors or drums, Inspection of brake components.

Fuel System Service

Fuel system cleaning services provide excellent benefits to your vehicle. From maximizing fuel economy to reduced vehicle emissions, a clean fuel system restores performance and improves drivability. Select the Fuel Service Package that best fits your needs.

Car Polishing and Detailing

Our car detailing service professionals use special tools to clean your vehicle of dirt and road grime, both inside and out and in detail. In addition to having a very clean car, the process of car detailing will also help to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

You Can Entrust Your Car to Us

Our company provides services to a large number of businesses and individual customers. With Universal Auto Garage your car will be in safe keeping!
Use our services and become the most pampered auto service customer in the world!

Top Products

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience and long-term relationships with customers. It is based on a strong commitment to industry-wide standards, and addresses customers’ demand.


    All modern vehicles have a computer or ECM (Electronic Control Module) that controls the operation of the engine’s fuel injection system, ignition timing,…


    Having properly function air conditioning in your vehicle is an essential luxury in the desert heat of UAE. Here at Universal Auto Garage…


    Service Intervals You Can Keep Track Of with Regular Scheduled Maintenance which is vital to keeping your Auto on the road. The time…


    Universal Auto Garage undertake many Electro Mechanical Repairs, which compliment our manufacturing, repair facilities. We have substantial machine shops where we can produce…


    Our Mechanical Section handles repairs of all European, American, Japanese, Korean and German Vehicles. The repair works are handled by our well-trained technicians…


    We provide the full spectrum of professional detailing services and are setup to offer the same day as well as next day service.…


    We make Proper maintenance which will ensure maximum performance, greater reliability and longer life of your vehicle. To maintain your vehicle in top…


    A comprehensive internal deep clean/valet with seat removal to ensure that all stains, grime and dust/dirt are removed. We use a combination of…


    We at UAG Roadside Assistance assure YOU and your family a hassle free Roadside Assistance Program. We will to be your trusted friend on call, while…