Most people turn the key, their vehicle starts and they go. It is only when a problem occurs with the ignition system that one begins to understand its importance. The job of the ignition system is to create the spark that ignites the fuel. The timing of the process is crucial to maximizing the efficiency of your vehicle. If the fuel is ignited at the wrong time, you may experience loss of power, more gas consumption and emissions will increase.

As you go through the diagram, you see the spark plugs have an important task to perform in the engine. They produce the electrical spark that actually ignites the mixture of fuel and air. They are exposed to extreme high temperatures and constant use. You can actually tell what is going on with the ignition and fuel systems in your vehicle by the way the spark plugs look when they are removed from the engine.

Spark plugs that are worn, corroded or dirty will affect your vehicle in many ways. As with any component of your vehicle, it is important to watch for the signs that indicate a problem. At a minimum spark plugs should be replaced based on the manufacturer’s recommended service levels and according to the way you drive. You will also want to look for the following symptoms:

  • Decreasing fuel economy
  • A change in the exhaust
  • Backfiring
  • Misfiring
  • Difficulty starting
  • Stalling

Any of these symptoms are a sign your vehicle’s ignition system needs to be checked out. The certified technicians at UAG, have the knowledge and equipment needed to properly diagnose and correct problems with ignition systems.

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