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Rolls Royce Service Repair Center Abudhabi

Best Rolls Royce Service & Repair Workshop in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

A Rolls Royce goes beyond its exquisite premium leather interior and its powerful engine capable of taking you on any journey. This car is a testament to the unique bond between the vehicle and its owner, and it’s you in your Rolls Royce that makes the most profound statement. With its full-length headliner mimicking a star-filled night sky, a Rolls Royce stands as the pinnacle of luxury and elegance.

Abu Dhabi's best Rolls-Royce repair service
Rolls-Royce repair and service in Abu Dhabi

A Trusted & Experienced Rolls Royce Service Center Abu Dhabi – Mussafah

At Universal Auto Garage, we understand that owning a Rolls Royce is more than just having a car; it’s about experiencing the pinnacle of automotive luxury and engineering. Our dedicated Rolls Royce service center in Abu Dhabi – Mussafah, is equipped with the latest technology and staffed by highly trained technicians to ensure your vehicle receives the care and attention it deserves.

Our team of certified Rolls Royce specialists undergoes rigorous training and continuous education to stay updated with the latest advancements and service techniques. We offer a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services, from routine oil changes and brake inspections to complex engine diagnostics and transmission repairs. Each service is tailored to maintain the exceptional performance and luxury that Rolls Royce is known for.

We pride ourselves on using only genuine Rolls Royce parts and materials to guarantee the highest quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence extends to our customer service, where transparency, integrity, and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Trust Universal Auto Garage to keep your Rolls Royce in impeccable condition, ensuring a smooth and luxurious driving experience every time.

Benefits of Our Premier Rolls Royce Service Center Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

Rolls Royce Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi - Mussafah

To ensure your Rolls Royce continues to perform optimally for years to come, regular maintenance is essential. Universal Auto Garage offers tailored scheduled maintenance service packages designed specifically for Rolls Royce vehicles.

Our minor service package includes essential tasks recommended by Rolls Royce, such as engine oil and filter changes, brake fluid flush, tire rotation, AC system service, engine air filter replacement, and more. For major services, we include additional items like coolant flush, transmission fluid change, spark plug replacement, and fuel system cleaning.

We recommend adhering to the factory-recommended service intervals for your Rolls Royce model and mileage. This proactive approach ensures timely inspection and replacement of wear items, helping to prevent larger repairs in the future. Our experienced Rolls Royce technicians will conduct a comprehensive check of your vehicle and advise on any additional necessary repairs.

Our maintenance packages offer bundled services at discounted rates compared to individual pricing, making it both cost-effective and convenient. We also provide options for pickup and delivery to our service facility. Invest in the longevity of your Rolls Royce with scheduled maintenance by our dedicated Rolls Royce specialists in Mussafah!

Rolls Royce Repair and Service in Abu Dhabi: Expert Answers to Your FAQs

Yes, we use only genuine Rolls Royce parts to ensure the highest quality and performance.

We offer a comprehensive range of services, including routine maintenance, engine diagnostics, brake inspections, transmission repairs, and more.

Our certified technicians undergo continuous training and use advanced diagnostic tools to provide the highest standard of service.

Yes, we offer complimentary pickup and delivery services for your convenience.

Our commitment to excellence, certified expertise, use of genuine parts, and exceptional customer service set us apart as a premier Rolls Royce service center.

You can contact our service advisor today to schedule your Rolls Royce maintenance or repair services.


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