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BMW Service Center


BMW Service Center

Is it time for your BMW check-up? Bring it over to Universal Auto Garage! As a trusted and reputable BMW repair service in Abu Dhabi, we add more life to your car. Our experienced BMW repairspecialists will perform inspection and repair of your BMW vehicle and you can sit back and relax!

You can always be sure of professional all-round service at Universal Auto Garage! Our professional BMW repair specialists, mechanics and technicians are highly trained to handle any service or repair-related issues on BMW cars. Quality, efficiency and innovation mark the BMW vehicle maintenance expertise delivered by us! Our engineers develop innovative, convenient and customer-centric service to ensure that every BMW car is able to perform at its very best, year after year. We are committed to providing you with first-class service that delivers best-in-class care for your BMW vehicle, and a great driving experience.

We provide BMW maintenance and wear-and-tear work using Original BMW Parts combined with service expertise – all at discounted rates! We utilise cutting edge technologies and advanced equipment in your BMW service.

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Why choose us for your BMW service in Abu Dhabi?

  • Pay less and get more with the cost of ports, labor included

  • Includes engine oil replacement, oil top-up

  • Replacement of oir filter, fuel filter, spark plugs

  • Guaranteed service for long motor life

  • Inspection of wear and tear

  • Original parts included in BMW repair service

Our extensively trained and experienced BMW specialists provide the best and most cost-effective solutions at our BMW service center in Abu Dhabi. We never compromise on our work quality and deliver on time service to BMW cars in Abu Dhabi.

Contact us at Universal Auto Garagethrough email or call us and make an appointment for your next service, repair, or general checkup of your BMW car.