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Most Important Periodic Car Maintenance And Services

Universal Auto Garage provides an all-inclusive car repair and maintenance services for the smooth performance of your car. We have multi-point car inspection repair and maintenance services focused on the wide range of brands like: Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover and so on. Car repair and maintenance services at Universal Auto Garage ensures the smooth functioning and longer life of your car. We understand that the making of each car is different. Knowing the same, we can guide you with the intervals of checkups to keep your car in proper functioning.

Engine overheating, power steering and electrical charging loss are results of damaged hoses in the car. And hoses are weak components of the coolant which require regular inspection. Hence, it is recommended to get the car hoses checked periodically.

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Why Car Maintenance Is Necessary?

You have invested thousands of dollars in your vehicle, so you need to be sure to maintain your vehicle properly. This is not the only reason to take regular vehicle maintenance seriously. There are several other factors that need to be considered. Read More

How Often Do Cars Need Service?

If you drive a newer car, it probably has an in-vehicle maintenance reminder system that makes mileage-based schedules obsolete. In-vehicle maintenance reminder systems take a number of vehicle operating conditions into account and provide an alert on the dash when it is time for an engine oil change, fluid level checks, component inspections and other Car Maintenance services. If your vehicle has one of these systems, trust it to guide your maintenance visits. However, if you don’t put many miles on your car, most automakers recommend an oil change service every 12 months, even if the maintenance reminder hasn’t come on.

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