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Car Body Polishing

Car Body Polishing

Make your car look as good as new with car polishing services from Universal Auto Garage! Abu Dhabi has hot sultry summers that can affect your car's surface. The heat and UV rays will damage the paint and looks of the car. Car polishing is essential to preserve the appearance of your car if you live here. The polishing process will help to remove the grime, grease, dirt, sticky compounds, scrapes and scratches from your car’s surface. Universal Auto Garage provides expert car polishing services in Abu Dhabi.

Auto Repair Workshop

    We will make your car look as good as new!

  • Benefits of Car Polishing

    Car polishing has many several benefits:

  • Removes Scratches

    Polishing helps to remove scratches from your car. Using the right tools and polishing methods our team of experts will remove scratches on your car

  • Shine

    Your car will regain its original shine and stylish look with our polishing service. We aim for total customer satisfaction and happiness in our services!

  • Paint Defects

    If there are any paint defects in your car, our polishing services will help you to solve it.

Universal Auto Garage is the ideal choice for car polishing services in Abu Dhabi. We have in-depth knowledge in all advanced techniques and methods for car detailing and polishing services. Our team of experts is committed to providing 100% excellent quality service to our customers. We understand the value of your time and money and we strive to complete the work on time.


  • Clay all the body

  • First ultra cut

  • Glaze

  • Final touch up glaze

  • Waxing the car

  • Paint protection synthetic sealing car

  • Headlight polish

  • Glass polish

  • Chrome polish

  • Ring polish

  • Removing light scratches from the body

Universal Auto Garage offers the finest exterior & interior auto, car polishing anywhere in Abu Dhabi